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How it began…

The story of IMBookStore.  It begins with a photo and a humble painting of a faithful child, inspiring a friend to write a faithful story of God’s guidance by the Holy Spirit turned into the children’s book, The Boy and The Bridge, written by Laura Teague and Illustrated by Carly Dean.  Available forgiveness received upon acceptance of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, God promises to send us a helper in life, His Holy Spirit whom resides with us through our entire life helping and guiding in both good and bad times.  As He helps, may we share His gift and help one another in love and kindness.

It is from and through God’s inspiration that we may impart worthy and durable actions once impossible, alone and on our own, but made possible through Jesus Christ.

Inspired from the goodness of God, it is hoped that IMBookStore may be a vehicle used to help convey the enduring goodness of God toward each one of us as He leads and hopefully as we follow. So begins this journey.

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